Charming Biographies for Children

These biographies are so lovely. They are engaging stories about the lives of some of history's finest. Childhood is where each story begins. I love that because, after all, that is where our lives began. It's those tender years which shape us and when our character is formed.

I really felt that I got to know the characters when I read these books aloud to my kid's. That should be the intent of any good history book, not a list of dry facts or endless timelines. A living book, or a book that ignites a child's interest, will take your child to that time and place and make him feel emotions.

The illustrations are equally as charming. Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire were a European couple who had met in Germany, studying art in the 1920's.  The authors of this series used stone lithography to create each colorful picture.

Check and see if they have any d'Aulaire books at your library and tell me if you enjoyed them!

Love, Leila