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Highlighter Tutorial + Giveaway (closed

Well, I am making my video debut with this tutorial! I did the video dozens of times, some were possibly more entertaining & funny than this one but I decided to go with it because the giant rat's nest (tangle) in my hair wasn't showing as much. Hope you like it...I don't take criticism very well. Just kidding, I'd love your input. 

In honor of my blog’s 1 month birthday, I am doing THREE giveaways!

If you subscribe to my blog and post this to your Facebook you will have the chance to win 1 of 3 beauty products that were featured in my video!

To subscribe enter your email. If you are already following, I love you and you are already eligible to win.

I will post the winners next Friday, March 2.

This is Miss Buena Vida Jr. Imitating her Mamacita!